Boku wa mata hitori ni naru.

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SOI Play Back #1 Yuzuru Hanyu

Yuzuru watches his 15-year-old self perform Vertigo at SOI 2010.

At the start, Yuzuru says ‘I don’t want to see this. I really don’t want to see this!’ (and I can totally sympathise with him hahahaha)


The 17 year old student who sacrificed his life for his classmate on the South Korean ferry accident yesterday by giving up his life jacket . He was the president of the high school that was heading on a four day trip to Jeju Island. Today is his birthday. Why do things have to happen like this. Happy birthday and RIP, angel. #jungchawoong #정찰웅 #tooyoung #toosudden #rip


 Yuzuru Hanyu’s DVD, Time of Awakening is being released on May 21, 2014. The limited edition blu-ray and DVD are said to come with a 24-page photobook, however this as well as the contents of the CD are subject to change.


White Legend (2010 Japan Nationals)
Étude in D minor, op. 8 no. 12 (2011 Japan Nationals)
Parisienne Walkways ( 2012 Japan Nationals, 2013 Japan Nationals, 2014 Olympics)


Zigeunerweisen (2011 4CC)
Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini (2010 Junior Worlds)
Notre-Dame de Paris (2012 Japan Nationals)
Romeo and Juliet (2013 Japan Nationals, 2014 Olympics, 2014 Worlds)


Sing! Sing! Sing! (2007 Japan Junior Nationals)
Firebird (2007 Japan Junior Nationals)
+ private footage

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